Ardennes horse standing in the woods

Ardennes Horse

The impressive Ardennes Horse is an ancient breed of draft horse that originated in the old world, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. The Adennes, sometimes spelled Ardennais, is a magnificent animal with a long and storied history. Check out these amazing facts about this gentle giant. 1. The Ardennes horse breed is tall! Horses are traditionally …

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epm in horses

EPM In Horses

EPM in horses is a serious disease and requires early detection for a horse to improve and survive. In this article you will learn the signs you must know in order to detect Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis before it is too late. With early diagnosis and treatment, a horse can make a recovery and live with …

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horse hoof care

Horse Hoof Care Guide

Proper horse hoof care is an important part of horse ownership – and unfortunately, can be an aspect of equine management that is easy to overlook. Similar to a human foot, the primary functions of a horse’s foot are to bear weight, absorb shock and provide traction. Inadequate hoof care reduces the foot’s ability to …

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Calf Roping

Calf  roping is an exciting event held at every rodeo. This event is a long lasting part of American culture; and these events showcase and symbolize the wild and free American spirit (1). However the origins of the rodeos we know and love today  trace all the way back to Spain. Spanish cowboys, called vaqueros, were …

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Western Pleasure

What is Western Pleasure Riding ? If you have ever watched a western pleasure class, with horses moving in perfect harmony with their rider, it would be easy to assume that this horseback riding discipline is easy. But the subtleties of this pairing of horse and rider make for a wonderful equestrian exhibition of skill. …

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Bull Riding

Bull Riding

What are The Basics of Bull Riding? Some call bull riding the wildest eight seconds in sports. Others call it the most eight dangerous seconds in sports. Whatever you wish to call it, there’s no denying that the sport of bull riding is an adrenaline-pumping activity requiring nerves of steel. Of course, there’s a whole …

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English Pleasure Riding Guide

English Pleasure

What are the Basics of English Pleasure? The basic principles behind English pleasure riding aren’t that different than that of Western pleasure. As both names suggest, the endgame to the practice is to demonstrate that you have a horse that’s a pleasure to ride. A horse’s gait is also judged the same way. However, there …

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reining horseback riding guide


Like many other adrenaline pumping adventures, reining is known to be one of the most addictive experiences you could enjoy. Known as a highly enjoyable sport today, reining dates back to the nineteenth century and is considered to be a part of the, American heritage. The settlers of Spanish origin in the Southwestern part of …

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dressage riding


Dressage is the ultimate expression of partnership, training and poise. Defined as teaching a horse to be supple, balanced and responsive. Horses and riders are trained in dressage to develop a horse’s flexibility, responsiveness to subtle aids and overall balance – making the horse stronger, obedient and more enjoyable to ride. Dressage Beginnings Two thousand …

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team roping

Team Roping

Fashioned after cowboys who had to rope and brand steers on ranches, team roping takes a high level of skill and athleticism. Riders compete in teams of two, comprised of a header and a healer. Team roping is unique in that women and men can go head to head in the same competition. Team Roping …

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