thrush in horses

Thrush In Horses

What is Thrush? Thrush is a very common infection that can occur on a horse’s hoof. The bacteria that causes thrush is naturally occurring in a horse’s environment, especially when the horse is in a muddy or unsanitary location, such as a dirty stall. If you have a horse that has very narrow heels or …

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epm in horses

EPM In Horses

EPM in horses is a serious disease and requires early detection for a horse to improve and survive. In this article you will learn the signs you must know in order to detect Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis before it is too late. With early diagnosis and treatment, a horse can make a recovery and live with …

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horse hoof care

Horse Hoof Care Guide

Proper horse hoof care is an important part of horse ownership – and unfortunately, can be an aspect of equine management that is easy to overlook. Similar to a human foot, the primary functions of a horse’s foot are to bear weight, absorb shock and provide traction. Inadequate hoof care reduces the foot’s ability to …

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