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Greatest Horseback Riding Spots In San Diego

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

San Diego has a wonderful beach that is an amazing location for an abundance of outdoor activities, which of course includes horseback riding on the beach. You won’t be doing any racing, but relaxing trail rides or even your first horsemanship lesson is definitely on your horizon.

Surfside Ranch

Surfside Ranch is owned and operated by a true equine enthusiast Joanne Cruising-Winne.

She was first introduced to horses at the age of five, meaning she has extensive experience and will ensure you have an amazing adventure.

The core staff of Surfside Ranch, alongside Joanne, has over 150 years of combined equine experience.

With all this experience you can assured that they will be able to assist you with almost any request you have.

They offer everything from simple beginner lessons to more complex equestrian outings.

They have 3 main rides, and everyone in the family is bound to find the perfect fit.

Trail rides, beach rides, and pony rides are available every day from 9 am to just after sunset. 

One of the best ways to experience Surfside Ranch is to take a sunset beach ride and enjoy the picturesque sights from the beach.

In addition to single rides, they organize special events and parties, which is a great new way to spend some time with your family or for larger groups.

Surfside Ranch boasts a great combination of countryside like tranquility while being located a convenient 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. 

Pony Land San Diego

Head down to California’s southernmost beach.

Pony Land is the perfect place for you to take a relaxing horseback ride alongside the crashing waves of the Ocean. ​

Enjoy watching wildlife from atop a horse. You may come across seals, dolphins, and pelicans.

Pony Land offers guided horseback rides along 20 miles of gorgeous San Diego beach.

Come away with a new, positive mindset that can only come from a horseback ride on the beach. 

In addition to the guided trail and beach rides, Pony Land has pony rides for the youngest in the group. Once they are done with their ride, stop by and visit the petting zoo.

Blanco Brothers Ranch

Blanco Brothers Ranch offers a full range of services, from horse boarding, horse rentals, riding lessons to the most popular one, which is the beach ride through the Imperial Beach.

Their stables have horses that will fit every skill level, from total beginners to advanced riders.

What makes Blanco Brothers stand out from the rest on this list is their truly budget-friendly rates.

For the average price you will pay in San Diego, you get an extra hour on the beach. 

Blanco Brothers Ranch strives to make you feel like family and that is what makes them truly unique.

When you saddle up, you can choose your pace and take your time, but if you wish to run the horses for a bit that is an option, too!

Rancho El Camino Equestrian

Looking for riding lessons?

Rancho El Camino Equestrian specializes in providing the best horseback riding lessons in the San Diego area.

With their customized lesson plans and different schools of riding, start your equestrian adventure with the skills you need to excel.

They offer English, Western, and Dressage lessons for teens and adults. They offer lesson for all riders, no matter how much experience you already possess.

Trainers will create a custom program plan and rates that will go lower, as you prove that you are serious about learning more about horsemanship and horseback riding.

Starting from $75 for a single, private lesson and moving on down to just $50 for the same, you will find that this fee structure was made to suit virtually anybody’s pocket.

In addition to professional lessons, Rancho El Camino Equestrian offers horse boarding. They have amazing facilities which include 2 round pens and six arenas.

Big Schott Ranch

Big Schott Ranch is a lot more adventurous than the rest of entries on this list!

Be sure to take a Mountain Ride, which will allow you to enjoy clean air and pristine nature on a 1.5-hour long excursion in the mountains.

Vineyard and Winery Experience will allow you to ride throughout the vineyard, which can give you a taste of how it is to farm the land on your horse.

After you have taking your horse around the vineyard, you will then proceed to the actual tasting of the wine that was made from the grapes you just saw on your ride!

If mountains or vineyards are not that interesting to you or you wish to have a more relaxing experience on your horseback ride, you can always choose to ride on the Big Schott Ranch – a private ride that will give you the look and feel of a true cowboy western movie.

Last but not least, if you decide to go on a beach ride, Big Schott Ranch staff will point out what are the best sightseeing spots for that, just remember to bring your camera with you.

You can’t go wrong

No matter which ranch you prefer, if you decide to go on a beach horseback ride in San Diego, you will surely find that the beautiful white beaches are simply perfect for doing just that and the nature and wildlife you will encounter along the way are going to ensure a lifetime of amazing memories.

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