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Horseback Riding in Myrtle Beach

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Myrtle Beach has long been known for excellent opportunities for different outdoor activities, one of those activities being horseback riding. While this area may not be best suited for sprints or similar rides, it is perfect for trail rides, no matter what exact location you choose, in the end.

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Inlet Point Plantation

inlet point plantation

Inlet Point Plantation specializes in providing fun, but peaceful alternatives to all other outdoor activities on Myrtle Beach. They have something in store for every single member of your family, from Private Island beach rides and Waterway trail rides to pony rides, for the youngest.

The appeal of taking a slow trail ride is in the simply breathtaking sightseeing spots Myrtle Beach has, especially come sunset time. Inlet Point Plantation has been around for some time and their selection of peaceful horses is there to make sure you are safe, while you are enjoying your horseback ride.

If you decide to give Inlet Point Plantation a chance and try out a new hobby that is fun, healthy and different from all the other outdoor activities, you can give them a call and book a horseback ride that is specifically tailored to suit your needs and character.

Crooked Oak Farm

crooked oak farm myrtle beach

The owners of Crooked Oak Farm state that they are living their dream of working with horses on a farm and that statement can be truly felt in the way they are running their farm. Nestled in the heart of a beautiful, green forest, Crooked Oak Farm is family oriented, with helpful and friendly staff.

Crooked Oak Farm offers lessons and training for those who are new to horseback riding and have a professional staff that is there to make sure that you stay safe, as horseback riding can be somewhat dangerous, especially if you are new to this challenging outdoor activity.

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What makes this stable different from all the others is the fact that they put enough effort and time to compile horseback riding lessons that teaches you not only the horseback riding skill but also horsemanship in general – something quite important if you are just starting out your equine career.

Rock Smith Farm

rock smith farm myrtle beach south carolina

Settled in the heart of Myrtle Beach, Rock Smith Farm is one of those farms that simply ooze with comfort and peace. They are family run and operated a farm that has an abundance of other animals, besides horses, including a pack of cute dogs that love to cuddle.

If you find yourself on Myrtle Beach and you want to try an activity that is a bit different from all the standard outdoor activities found there, then you should check out the breathtaking views every single stable on Myrtle Beach can boast, especially during sunrise and sunset.

It is probably a good idea to give Rock Smith Farm a call before you decide to go there, as the number of horses available for riding is limited and you do not want to find yourself out of luck when you get there. Do that and there is nothing stopping you from quite literally riding off into the sunset.

Best View Farm

beach riding in south carolina

Myrtle Beach has long been known for stunning views and clean beaches, where you can do a ton of various outdoor activities, including horseback riding. Best View Farm does its best to stay true to its name and the views from the back of a horse you can get there look like they are out of this world.

They provide lessons and training to the youngest, although if you are a beginner, they are sure to give you a hand and teach you a thing or two about horsemanship and horseback riding, regardless of your age.

The green pastures, which can be found on the farm grounds, provide a stellar contrast to the sandy beach and the two blend into something that can only be dubbed as perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Horseback riding aficionados are sure to enjoy a variety of terrain they can ride on, as well as the ride itself.

Wampee Stables

wampee yrtle beach vacation horseback rides

Wampee Stables are experts when it comes to trail rides and have a ton of experience in that particular field. Taking a trail ride on one of America’s most beautiful beaches is something that definitely should be on your bucket list if it is not there already.

If you decide to go on a trail ride with Wampee Stables, you should make sure that you call first, as they offer only pre-appointed rides. However, if you do so, you will find out that they are quite pleasant and their guides Warner and Annick play a big role in that.

What makes Wampee Stables stand out from all the other horseback riding schools and farms is that they provide services to virtually anybody, regardless of their skill level. Therefore even the inexperienced rider is certain to have a good time.

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Horseback Riding of Myrtle Beach

horseback riding in myrtle beach at this resort is amazing


Horseback Riding of Myrtle Beach have been around for some time, and they can boast a certificate of excellence, admittedly from 2013. They are the most business-oriented provider of horseback riding on Myrtle Beach, which is reflected in the fact that they provide complimentary pictures.

Horseback Riding of Myrtle Beach can accommodate groups of up to 10 people, which can be a great way for your whole family to experience a fun and healthy outdoor activity. The ability to host a group of people is great for a small scale team building or a birthday if you don’t have many guests coming.


Myrtle Beach is a great place to escape from the city noise and try out a new fun activity, especially considering the sheer beauty of sightseeing spots you can find there. The fact that you are that close to the ocean only contributes to the overall recommendation of this place and activities you can do there.

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