Do you long for the feel to saddle up a horse and escape for your next vacation? 

You are not alone.

Horseback riding vacations are a great way to spend a week away from the rat race.

And whether you’re a weekend warrior who has their own trailer or a novice who doesn’t know a quarter horse from an arabian, there is the perfect horseback getaway just for you.

There are as many riding vacation options as their are personalities. You can find great options, so without further ado, here are some types of equestrian vacation ideas.

Family Friendly

There are numerous ranches and horse farms with all the amenities to keep mom, dad, kids, and even grandparents happy. 

Full service ranches are available that offer bed and breakfast style housing and ranch hands to help you learn the ropes.

Riding lessons, guided trail rides, and stories of the old west can be found all in the same vacation.

Cattle Drive Vacations

Ever want to get a taste of the old west cattle drives? They are still alive and well for the adventurous type.

These vacations can be on the rustic side, adding to their charm and you are guaranteed to make lasting memories. 

Beach Riding Vacations

What’s better than spending your vacation on the beach? Doing it in style while riding, that’s what!

Whether your traveling down south or out west, there are countless amazing beach riding vacation locations within easy reach.

Camping Vacations

If you have your own horses, or have friends who do, loading up the truck and trailer and heading to the woods is an excellent option. 

Sitting by the campfire roasting some cowboy coffee talking about the days travels is an amazing experience.