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Essential Horse Riding Gear

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Whether you are a Western rider or an English rider there are specific horseback riding tack that you will need before mounting up. This is the list of the most essential items for a rider to have.

 1  saddle

Well riding bareback is a great option, most horseback Riders well use a saddle when they ride. depending on if you ride English, or western your saddle choice will be different. English saddles are designed for close contact with the horse. There are a number of different saddle types when writing English, from the all purpose to the more forward seated dressage saddle. If you are a western Rider you well obviously want to get a western saddle. Western saddles also come in a number of sizes and styles depending on your particular type of horseback riding. Whether you  ride on the trails or in Western Pleasure classes there are a number of quality Saddles out there for you to choose from.

 2  saddle pad

Again, the type of saddle pad that you choose will depend upon the type of Saddle that you ride with. English saddle pads come in many shapes and are comprised of many different types of materials from wool,  cotton, to Hi-Tech synthetic fibers. when choosing a saddle pad you want to take in consideration the confirmation of your horse ads that are made and designed specifically for a horse’s conformation. You will also want to consider how much cushion, shock absorption, and more stir wicking you will need. With western saddle pads they also come in many different materials and styles. You can find my picks for the most comfortable saddle pad for both Western and English Riders here.

  3 Bridle

There are as many different styles of horse bridles as there are riding style.  the most important thing to consider when choosing your particular horseback riding Bridle is are you riding western or English. From there there are Bridals constructed of leather nylon and other synthetic materials. If you are a competitive Rider you will most likely opt for a leather bridle. Well if you are more of a trail and pleasure Rider you can go with a versatile nylon Bridle or a leather Bridle as well.

4 horse bit

There are many different types of horse bits out there and you can see my pics for the best course bit here. When considering what type of bit you want for your horse you must consider both your and your horses skill level. Bits come with many different shank links Port styles and their severity is impacted by these features. As a general rule and inexperienced Horse and Rider should I opt for a lot less severe bit. this is generally a form of snaffle bit,  which is characterized by having no shank, and no port. Be sure to put serious consideration into the correct style of bit for you and your horse to ensure that no undue strain is put on your horse.

5 riding helmet

 weather schooling or in competition wearing a horseback riding helmet  is incredibly important for your safety. Falls from horses have a high risk or head injury to the rider and a safety certified horseback riding helmet is the most important step in ensuring that you do not suffer a severe injury if you do in fact fall from your horse. There are many different styles of horseback riding helmets available and you can see my guide for tips on picking the right horseback riding helmet or you can check here for my recommendations for the safest mens, womens, and youth horseback helmets.

6 English riding boots

If you are an English writer, it is important to have proper boots for your particular writing discipline. Well English boots come in numerous styles it is most common to use a tall leather Hunter style boot. There are other styles that are also commonly used so depending upon your particular preference writing discipline you may also opt for a short English riding boot. Here are my recommendations for the top rated english riding boots for all riders.

7 cowboy boots

The most commonly thought of boot style when thinking of horseback riding is the classic cowboy boot. These Boots are great for trail riding, western competition, and even just working around your horse on the ground. Cowboy boots are designed to protect the foot in case of getting stepped on by your horse and they are designed with a tall heel which prevents the foot from sliding through the Stirrup when riding in a western saddle. You can check here for my recommendations for the great cowboy boots for Western Riders

 8 cowboy hat

The traditional style cowboy hat is excellent for keeping the heat of the sun off from you when spending long hours in the saddle. They are  extremely popular with Western competitive Riders. Well there are a number of different materials and brim and Crown styles most western cowboy hats generally fall within the same shape and size. here is my list for recommended best cowboy hats of the year for the Western Rider.

While there are a number of different types of horseback riding gear available this is the list of the most common things you will need to get started riding.  As you develop as a writer and take on new riding disciplines York your list will expand and include more items but it doesn’t take much more than this to get out there and enjoy you and your horse riding together.

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