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How to Lock a Trailer Hitch

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

If you were like me you have invested a good chunk of money in your trailers. And there is nothing more demoralizing then finding out one of your trailers has been stolen. I have never had one of my trailer stolen, a couple friends have, and that is because I make sure to securely lock every one of my trailers with one of the most trustworthy trailer hitch locks on the market.

What are hitch locks? A hitch lock is a tool that is specifically designed to stop would-be thieves from hijacking your trailer. Well there are a number of different designs, this is generally accomplished by securing the receiver of your trailer in a manner that cannot be hitched up to another vehicle. 

Receiver, coupler hitch locks fit within the trailer hitch hole and they lockdown in a theft proof mechanism. Oftentimes these use bars, pins, and falls to secure their trailer receiver.

What kind do I need?

Trailer hitches come in multiple different classes in each of these classes is based upon how much weight the hitch can tow safely. Class 1 trailer hitches are capable of hauling up to 2,000 lb into these trailers are small enough to be pulled by cars up to larger vehicles. the largest trailer hitch class is capital V.  class V hitches are capable of Towing upwards of thirty thousand pounds and they must only be hauled by large heavy duty trucks and other powerful vehicles.

 When selecting your trailer hitch security lock make sure that it is the appropriate size for your particular trailers. due to having multiple different trailers with different hitch sizes I have selected for my own too small to pull different hitch  lock sizes. 

 to ensure ultimate trailer security you will want to secure your lock every time your trailers are parked and not in use. most thieves are opportunist and they will watch for your schedule and take the opportunity to steal an unsecured  trailer when you are not around watching.  

 the coupler lock design is a common hitch lock that is made in sizes to fit most hitch sizes. he’s generally have a ball-shaped section that goes into the hitch receiver. It will then have some type of anti braking locking mechanism that will secure the ball within the receiver preventing anybody from hooking up to your trailer and stealing it. 

Putting your hitch lock on 

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when putting your trailer hitch lock on your receiver. The majority of these are straightforward and simple to put on. Oftentimes utilizing a key locking mechanism. Some models out there have different locking mechanisms but no matter which kind you get make sure you get one that is highly rated for security and durability. Low-quality hitch locks are easy to break off or cut off making them almost useless. 

All of the highly rated locks will come with anti-theft features that will make them difficult to near impossible to remove without the key or combination. Be certain to always properly secure your lock when parking and storing your trailers and you will not have the heartache of finding your trailers stolen.

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