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Best Electric Fence for Horses

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you looking for the best electric fence for horses?

I’ve strung miles of fence over the years and I demand the top, safe, high quality fencing for my horses. With this in mind, I have reviewed the most popular tape and wire electric fence models available and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best electric fence for horses picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. Powerfields H-3 Safe-Fence Poly Tape
  2. Zareba 200m Polytape
  3. Baygard Electric Fence 1/4 Inch White Rope
  4. Baygard Underground Insulated Electric Fence Cable
  5. Zareba 500 Foot Spool of 1 inch Electric Fence Tape
  6. ElectroBraid Electric Horse Fence
  7. Dare Products Poly Equi-Rope Braided Electric Fence

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your horses safe is invest in a top quality fence. Since these animals like to roam, you need to make sure to keep them in one location with a good fence. I find that the best electric fence for horses is the best way to protect them and keep them safe.

How to Select the Best Electric Fence for Horses

One of the first things that you need to consider when choosing an electric fence for your horses is how you are going to put it up. There are some fence tapes that can be used on their own, which means that you can easily string up a new fence in a short period of time. Other products, however, are only for use with already existing fences or run underground. Fence posts are important even for stretched fence tape, as this product does have to have something to support it.

Electric poly tape is one of the most popular options on the market today, as it can easily stand up to most weather conditions without rusting or being damaged. Another popular option is wire fencing that is a little more durable, but isn’t as thick or visible.

It’s also important to consider how visible the fencing is. Some types of fencing are significantly easier for horses to see thanks to their bright color, which means that they are going to be much less inclined to accidentally run into or try to pass through the fence.

The Advantages of a Great Electric Fence

Generally speaking, electric fencing is much safer than traditional wooden or barbed wire fencing because horses can’t easily become tangled in it. Not only is this fencing physically safer, but when horses understand that they will be shocked when they touch the fence, it forms a psychological barrier that will prevent them from trying to pass through the fence.

These fences also offer incredible flexibility and can easily be moved to a new location, if desired. This is great for portable, semi-permanent, and even permanent options.

Additionally, installing electric fencing is much faster and easier than installing traditional fencing, which means that you can have your fence put up and your horses safely contained in very little time. While poles are necessary to attach the fencing, they don’t have to be as large as regular fence posts.

Features to Consider

One attribute that is important for you to consider when shopping for an electric fence is how thick the tape is going to be. While thicker fence tape is going to be more expensive, it is also hardier and will be much easier for the horses to see from a distance. This can mean that they are going to be less inclined to accidentally try to run through the tape.

Additionally, make sure to consider the break strength, as this will play a huge role in how well the fence will last, even if a horse does walk into it. Higher break strengths are, of course, going to cost more money, but are generally worth the higher price tag, as they provide great peace of mind and will do a much better job keeping the horses contained. However, these fences will still break if a horse runs into them, which will prevent the animal from becoming injured.

Finally, make sure to consider how much of a shock the fence will give your horse. You want to choose a fence that offers enough of a deterrent to prevent your horses from trying to get through the fence.

How to Best Use Your New Electric Fence

Every electrical fence is going to come with its own set of installation instructions, and it’s important to carefully follow them for the best possible outcome. Make sure to use the correct wire gauge when necessary and follow all grounding and connecting procedures, which will help to decrease problems with your fence in the future.

Precautions to Consider

Installing a new electric fence can easily be done by most people, but you do have to be careful and make sure to take your time to reduce risk. I recommend that once you install your fencing that you regularly check it for any problems. This is easily done and can prevent major problems if your horses were to get free.

To keep humans, as well as your animals safe, you need to always install warning signs to let people know that your fence is electric. This is important even if you don’t think that anyone will be on or near your property.

Additionally, never use barbed wire with your electrical fencing, as this can prevent anyone who accidentally touches your fence from being able to get away, and can cause serious injury. When you install your new fence you must make sure that you use a separate circuit for the DC power supply. The last thing that you want to have happen is problems with damage to other devices during a bad storm if your fence is hit by lightning.

7 Best Electric Fence for Horses

If you are going to invest all the time in setting an electric fence you will want to ensure it is a safe and top quality wire. Putting up the top electric fence wire will last longer and prevent more accidents than cheap or poor performing options. I have reviewed the top options available today for performance, durability, and value.

Powerfields H-3 Safe-Fence Poly Tape

This is a great fencing option for anyone who is worried about whether or not their horses will be able to clearly see their boundaries. At 1.5” wide, it’s easily seen even by horses on the move and is designed to last for years without breaking down or wearing out, making it an investment in the future of your horses, and ensuring that you won’t have to replace or repair it anytime soon to keep your horses safe and contained.


  • Has a 750 lb. break strength
  • Treated to last against UV rays so that it won’t break down in the sun
  • Comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Combines 33 stands of polyethylene monofilament and 15 strands of stainless steel wire


  • Can be a little difficult to install

Zareba 200m Polytape

This tightly woven polytape is a great fencing option for anyone looking to keep their horses in their set area and who doesn’t want to worry about them roaming off. While it is designed to be used with a permanent fence, it is very easy to add to your existing fencing, making installing it fast and easy and decreasing the amount of time that your animals will be without a fence.


  • Has eight strands of electrical conductors
  • Break strength of 320 lbs.
  • Very easy for horses to see from a distance
  • Doesn’t easily sag or droop when installed correctly


  • Does not work well when used under extreme tension
  • Doesn’t offer the best electric transmission

Baygard Electric Fence 1/4 Inch White Rope

Made from solid white polyethylene with powerful stainless steel conductors, this fencing does a great job preventing horses from leaving their designated area, as long as they are able to see it. It comes with a one-year warranty against UV damage, which means that it is designed to last perfectly for at least that long, but may not be able to stand up to longer periods of use without showing signs of wear and tear.


  • Great for use within a permanent fence structure
  • Contains six stainless steel conductors
  • 850 lb point break
  • Much easier to handle than conventional galvanized wire


  • Only ¼” diameter, which means that it can be difficult for animals to easily see
  • Not a great product to use for a longer-term fence

Baygard Underground Insulated Electric Fence Cable

Running an electric fence across a road or under a gate can be really difficult, but this product makes this process a lot faster and easier. As long as it is used with the correct plastic emt conduits to reduce any wire leaking, this product can easily handle being used in any type of weather without problems. It’s not ideal for use above ground.


  • Insulated to provide up to 20,000 volts
  • Designed for use with electric fencing
  • Has 2 mm polyethylene coating to reduce the risk of unwanted shock
  • Features 12 gauge aluminum conductivity wire


  • Black color is difficult to see
  • Will leak current during the rain, unless placed into a plastic conduit when used underground

Zareba 500 Foot Spool of 1 inch Electric Fence Tape

This product features a tensile strength of 675 lbs. and comes with an impressive five-year warranty, which means that users don’t need to worry about having to replace their fencing anytime soon. Thanks to the impressive shocking power of this fence, there won’t be any problems with horses leaving their designated areas. Additionally, the bright color and design of the fence tape helps horses easily see it from a distance, which is great for teaching them their boundaries without them having to suffer a lot of shocks.


  • Features 20x shocking power with eight aluminum wires
  • PVC-coated fiberglass provides 2x strength
  • White design is easily seen from a distance
  • Edges are lock-stitched to improve longevity


  • Can suffer from some UV damage over time

ElectroBraid PBRC1000B2-EB Electric Horse Fence

ElectroBraid PBRC1000B2-EB Electric Horse Fence Conductor Reel, 1000-Feet, Black

This is high quality electric fence for horses. Each roll is 1000 feet and I found no weak points in my two rolls. It conducts well throughout and the black looks pretty good too. Installation was straight forward and average in difficulty. Overall this is a great electric fencing option for your horses that is durable and effective.


  • Durable
  • Quality material
  • Easy to install


  • Excellent quality but premium price

Dare Products Poly Equi-Rope Braided Electric Fence

I was pleasantly surprised by this braided electric fence. At a relatively low cost it is both strong and durable. The consistency was pretty good as well. While it hasn’t been tested yet, the manufacturer states the breaking strength is 1,100 pounds. It only came in white which isn’t my favorite but if that isn’t an issue for you it is a great electric fence for horses.


  • Durable
  • Consistent quality
  • 1,100 pound breaking strength
  • Good value


  • Only comes in white

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All of these various electric fence options are great for keeping your horses contained and safe, but the best option on this list is the Powerfields H-3 Safe-Fence. This poly tape is nice and thick, which means that all horses and humans will be able to easily see it and won’t be in danger of running into the fence. The high break strength is great for containing larger animals and it comes with an impressive 20-year warranty. Because it does such a great job standing up to UV damage and other bad weather problems, this product is ideal for use by most people in most areas of the country.

Here is the quick list once more for my picks for best electric fence for horses. Click the links for customer reviews and price

  1. Powerfields H-3 Safe-Fence Poly Tape
  2. Zareba 200m Polytape
  3. Baygard Electric Fence 1/4 Inch White Rope
  4. Baygard Underground Insulated Electric Fence Cable
  5. Zareba 500 Foot Spool of 1 inch Electric Fence Tape
  6. ElectroBraid Electric Horse Fence
  7. Dare Products Poly Equi-Rope Braided Electric Fence

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