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Best Rice Bran for Horses

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you searching for the best rice bran for horses?

Whether you are looking for a caloric rich feed supplement for a senior horse or for a grain replacement for your performance horse a high quality rice bran is an excellent option.

I’ve reviewed the top rice brand products for horses and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best rice bran for horses or read on for the full review:

  1. McCauleys All Natural Rice Bran Oil
  2. AniMed Rice Bran Oil
  3. Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil
  4. Manna Pro Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran for Horses

I have reviewed the most popular equine rice bran feed supplements available on the market today. They have been reviewed for quality, purity, and value.

McCauleys All Natural Rice Bran Oil

This high quality rice bran oil is an excellent equine dietary supplement. It will help maintain a healthy weight by providing a high calorie feed addition. Through healthy dietary fats this supplement will improve your horse’s coat quality. It is high in Vitamin E and lecithins while providing a natural source of gamma oryzanol. This comes in a convenient one gallon jug.

  • One gallon
  • High in vitamin E and lecithins
  • Improve coat quality
  • Manage weight

AniMed Rice Bran Oil

This popular rice bran oil is loved by many horse owners. It provides a high quality rice bran supplement for managing weight and improving coat health. It is an excellent diet addition for horses with cushings, gastric ulcers, and improving performance.

  • Quality rice bran oil
  • Helps manage weight and improve coat quality
  • Ideal for horses with cushings and gastric ulcers
  • Excellent value

Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil

This one gallon jug of rice bran is pure and an excellent value. It is a great addition to the feed of hard keepers. With a blend of rice bran and flaxseed oil, it also is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. The unique pour spout makes measuring the correct amount for your horse’s needs easy.

  • Quality rice bran and flaxseed oil
  • High dietary fat
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Ideal for hard keepers

Manna Pro Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil

This all natural rice bran oil is easy to digest and packed with vitamin E and antioxidants. It is also an excellent natural source of gamma oryzanol and is ideal for bringing the shine out of your horse’s coat. This is an excellent value rice bran supplement.

  • All natural
  • Vitamin E and antioxidants
  • Improve coat quality
  • Excellent value

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Here is the quick list with my best rice bran for horses picks one more time. To view prices and customer reviews see the links below.

  1. McCauleys All Natural Rice Bran Oil
  2. AniMed Rice Bran Oil
  3. Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil
  4. Manna Pro Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil

Equine Rice Bran Benefits

Weight management: If your horse has trouble maintaining a healthy weight rice bran is an excellent way to safely help them maintain an appropriate weight. Rice bran is high in calories derived from healthy fats that is ideal for hard keepers. Senior horses, performance horses alike can benefit from the addition of rice bran to their diet.

Cushings disease and metabolic disorders treatment: If your horse has Cushings disease, rice bran is able to help alleviate the symptoms. This is achieved due to rice bran being high in dietary fats that replaces the starches found in standard horse grains. Reducing starches by replacing part of your horse’s grain with rice bran is a safe way to help with the Cushings symptoms.

Gastric ulcers: Starch is again the culprit as it contributes to equine gastric ulcers. Replacing some of the high starch grains in your horse’s diet with high dietary fat rice bran oil can help treat gastric ulcers.

Coat quality: Adding healthy fats like those found in rice bran oil will improve your horse’s coat quality. The coat will be shinier and softer and easier to manage when grooming your horse.

Performance quality: Dietary fat is utilized as an energy source for your horse when performing. Fats are burned slower than carbohydrates and may help your horse maintain higher performance levels during extended exertion.

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