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How to Treat Proud Flesh in Horses

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

What is Proud Flesh  

Proud flesh develops on a horse wound that has not healed properly. When a horse receives a cut or deep abrasion, the healing process entails new tissue being created. This new tissue normally stops for me as the edges of the wound has healed together. Proud flesh is when this new tissue continues to grow in bulge Beyond normal skin levels in the horse. This prevents healthy skin from forming over the wound.

Proud flesh usually afflicts a horse who has wounds between the knees and hocks. this is because the skin in this area has very little soft tissue between it in the bone. Proud flesh is also common in horses who received wounds near joints in other areas that move preventing proper healing.

How to keep your horse from getting proud flesh

Primary way to ensure that your horses wound heals properly and proud flesh does not develop is to minimize how much the skin around the wound moves. if the wound is deep or severe at all a veterinarian should be called in order to properly close up the wound. From here bandages and equine pressure wraps are often used to help keep the wound from separating during the healing process. Often the vet will recommend that the horse be stalled during the initial healing process. This will help your or minimize their movement in allowing for proper healing. Always follow your veterinarians recommendations regarding bandaging and cleaning of the wound.

How to treat proud flesh when it appears

If proud flesh has developed your veterinarian will likely want to trim back the proud flesh tissue and get it back down to skin level. This will be done to allow the skin to properly heal and connect itself at its normal level. Keep in mind that when your veterinarian trims any proud flesh it can bleed significantly, but because proud flesh has no nerve endings your horse does not feel pain. Based on your bets recommendations you will likely then keep a pressure wrap around the area with proud flesh. This will help keep the skin in the area surrounding the wound from moving which will encourage proper skin growth. At times your vete find it necessary for you to put a cortisone cream on the wound area. This can help minimize the growth of proud flesh. oftentimes proud flesh can still develop in the process will need to be repeated. always follow your veterinarians instructions and you will have the best results.


proud flesh is always a concern when a horse receives a wound especially in the leg area. With proper treatment proud flesh can be maintained and treated to allow healthy skin to grow over the wounded area. Always use extreme care to follow all recommended tree steps and consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns over how your horses healing.

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