How much does a horse weigh

How Much Does a Horse Weigh

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Horses come in many shapes and sizes and with that their weight can vary widely. the quick answer to how much a horse weighs, is that the average weight of a horse is 1000 lb. but as there are Miniature Horses all the way up to the gigantic draft horse breeds this average weight is not very accurate.

If you must have an accurate measurement of how much your horse weighs, there are a few ways to get  that number. well not an option for everyone, if you live near a major university with a veterinarian program they may have a scale that they allow people to use for their horse. another potential option is if you have a veterinarian in your area who has a large breed animal scale. this is not something available to all horse owners, there is another way for you to get a more accurate weight of your horse. This is done with a heart girth weight tape. these can be found online or at most tack stores. And they aren’t expensive either.

 these measuring tapes do a pretty decent job estimating the weight of your horse. this tape is wrapped tightly around the barrel of your horse and goes around the area located where the heart is. well this is not 100% accurate, a heart girth tape should give you the weight of your horse within plus or minus 100 lb. OneNote, heart girth tapes are not at all accurate for pregnant Mares. Foles also cannot be accurately weighed using a heart girth tape.

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if you need to weigh a draft horse and you would like to use a heart girth tape you will have to find one specifically designed for draft horses as a standard tape is not large enough for a draft horse. 

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