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Best Toys for Horses

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you searching for the best toys for horses?

Reliving stress and occupying your bored horse is great for their health. I’ve tried a number of horse toys over the years and for this article I have reviewed the most popular toys for horses on the market and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best toys for horses picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. Horsemen’s Pride Amazing Graze Treat Toy
  2. Horsemen’s Pride Equine Jolly Ball
  3. Rural365 Large Horse Ball Pasture Toy
  4. Manna Pro Likit Starter Kit
  5. Horsemen’s Pride Pas-A-Fier Stall Toy

Some people are surprised to learn that horses, just like dogs and other animals, enjoying playing and entertaining themselves. No matter how many horses you have or how often they are left alone, investing in the best toys for horses will help keep them from getting bored and will ensure that they can have some fun in the field.

How to Choose the Best Toys for Horses

One of the first things that you must consider when looking for toys for your horse is what you hope to accomplish with the toys. Some toys provide treats, which are great for helping make sure that your horse has the right foods in their daily diet. Hanging treats just out of reach can encourage a horse to move around and remain more active than they otherwise might be.

Another popular type of toy helps with curbing stable vices such as cribbing and kicking. If you have a horse who is exhibiting bad behaviors when they are left on their own, then you may want to consider a toy for this purpose.

I find that you must also decide if you are looking for indoor or outdoor toys, as these will vary in how durable they are, as well as how large they are.

Benefits of Toys for Horses

Because horses can spend a lot of time alone in the pasture or in their stalls, it is normal for them to become a little bored, just like people do. Unfortunately, this boredom can quickly lead to horses exhibiting bad or unwanted behaviors, such as digging, kicking, or gnawing on fences. Toys, however, are a great way to reduce stall boredom and keep these bad behaviors at bay.

Not only can toys help alleviate any boredom that your horse feels when left alone for long periods of time, but they can also help assist with improving eating behaviors and digestion. Toys that encourage healthy eating help with grazing and ensure that a horse is eating properly.

Feeding toys are especially useful for horses who tend to gulp their food and need to slow down. They are also a wonderful option for any horse who has difficulty with digestion or choking, as they won’t be able to easily eat as quickly as before.

Additionally, some toys can be used for training. These toys are best used with a person helping the horse play so that the horse understands how the toys are to be used and will get the best use from them.

Attributes to Consider

One thing to consider is the material that the toy is made out of, as you want to make sure that you choose one that will last for a long time. Toys that are designed for use by horses and other large animals are going to be much sturdier, which means that you won’t have to purchase new ones again right away.

Also, consider if you are going to be able to easily find the toy outside in the pasture. I recommend looking for toys that are brightly colored so that you can get them and bring them back in, when necessary. It can be really frustrating trying to find a green toy in the pasture in the middle of the summer.

Best Way to Use Toys for Horses

How you are going to use your new toy depends on the type of toy that you opt for, as some can be used as training tools, others provide food, and others simply help combat boredom.

Since every horse has its own personality, you may have to buy a few different toys to find the right one for their needs. It’s important, no matter what type of toy you decide upon, that you make sure that it is secure in the stall if it attaches to the wall. If it is a ball or inflatable toy, then you must check it from time to time to ensure that it isn’t getting thin or becoming prone to popping.

Precautions to Consider

Let’s get this out of the way first thing. One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a horse toy is how safe it is for them to use. I recommend that you thoroughly investigate and make sure that there aren’t any dangerous chemicals in the horse toy you’re considering, as you don’t want to make your animal sick.

You also need to check the toy from time to time for any loose parts or bits that may come off, as these can make your horse sick or even be a choking hazard. Removing a damaged toy and replacing it is a better option than allowing the horse to continue to play with it.

Additionally, if you are using a horse toy with food or treats, then you must make sure that you keep the toy clean on the inside. Any food that is left behind in a toy can easily harbor bacteria and grow mold, which can make your horse very sick. If your horse leaves food in the toy, then it’s up to you to make sure that you remove it and clean the toy thoroughly.

5 Best Toys for Horses

If your horse suffers from boredom or shows signs of anxiety while in their stall or pasture, getting them a quality toy is a great idea. I’ve seen multiple horses show improvements after being provided with a horse toy. With this in mind, I’ve reviewed the most popular models available for quality, safety, and durability that are sure to be a hit with your horse.

Horsemen’s Pride Amazing Graze Treat Toy

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a toy for your horse is its construction, as you want to make sure that it will last for a long time. Giving your horse treats while they are alone is a great way to keep them entertained, and this durable toy can do just that, ensuring that they have healthy snacks available to them at all times.


  • Grazing treat toy that is great for adjusting diet
  • Bright color makes it easy to find in the field or stable
  • Slowly dispenses treats as the horse plays with it
  • Made from heavy-duty polyethylene so it will last for a long time


  • Some food can get stuck inside and will need to be manually removed
  • Doesn’t work well with pellets due to their smaller size

Horsemen’s Pride Equine Jolly Ball

I don’t know about you but when I think of a horse toy it’s the Jolly Ball. Not only is this large ball perfect for hanging and playing on the ground, but it comes in a variety of fun and bright colors so it won’t get lost outside. Because it bounces, floats, and rolls, it’s designed to provide hours of fun for any horse, which can keep them from becoming bored and help them to get the exercise that they need.


  • Designed so it won’t ever pop or deflate
  • Can be played with on the ground or hung in a stall
  • Large handle is great for grabbing the ball
  • Floats and bounces


  • Can be punctured by animals with sharper teeth
  • Two animals tugging on the ball can rip off the handle

Rural365 Large Horse Ball Pasture Toy

This horse ball is huge, making it a great option for larger horses who want to play too. Because it is so durable, horses can roll it across the ground, kick it, and try to bite it without worry about it bursting underneath them or in their face, which can cause problems. This is a great horse toy for draft horses and other large breeds.


  • Great for play and for exercise or training
  • Durable ball is highly textured to ensure an easy grip
  • Designed to withstand high pressure so that it won’t easily burst
  • Simple inflation with the included kit or a bike pump


  • Some balls have a weak spot that can cause them to get a hole
  • Once a hole forms, it is almost impossible to patch it so the ball can be used again

Manna Pro Likit Starter Kit

Not only does this kit ship with a few different flavors to choose from, which means that horse owners can easily select the one that they think their horse will like best, but they make great rewards and treats when the horse is alone. Because they have to work a little to get a treat, this is a great way to keep horses entertained and prevent boredom, which can cause a horse to act out.


  • Ships with treat bars and likits
  • Various flavors keep horses from getting bored
  • Durable holder is designed to withstand use without breaking
  • Offers high-quality nutrition to ensure good health


  • Can have a strong smell that some horses don’t like
  • More expensive than other toy options

Horsemen’s Pride Pas-A-Fier Stall Toy

Horses can easily get bored in a stable, but this toy is a great option to help prevent that boredom from becoming destructive. The great smelling polymer is designed to retain its smell even after a lot of use, which will help stop a horse from tiring of the toy. Additionally, it’s surprisingly easy to install in a stable, thanks to the included mounting hardware and instructions, which allows users to secure it in a number of locations in the stall. This is a great option for those looking for a horse toy that is stall safe.


  • Made from an apple-scented polymer to keep horses interested
  • Rotating device helps to massage gums of your horse
  • Ships with required mounting hardware
  • Great for reducing cribbing


  • Not all horses like the way it smells and tastes
  • The smell isn’t natural, and may have some dangerous chemicals in the toy

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The Horseman’s Pride Equine Jolly Ball is the best toy on this list for most horses. Not only is it large enough to allow for full body play in the field, but the handle makes it easy for horses to pick it up and carry it around the pasture with them, if desired. It’s strong enough to be used on a daily basis without any fear or it popping or deflating, which is something that it is important for all horses. Finally, because it has the handle and can be hung up in the stall, this is a great option for both indoor and outdoor play.

Here is the quick list once again for my picks for the best toys for horses. Check the links for prices and customer reviews.

  1. Horsemen’s Pride Amazing Graze Treat Toy
  2. Horsemen’s Pride Equine Jolly Ball
  3. Rural365 Large Horse Ball Pasture Toy
  4. Manna Pro Likit Starter Kit
  5. Horsemen’s Pride Pas-A-Fier Stall Toy

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