Best horse soaking boot

Best Soaking Boots For Horses

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Any horse lover knows the importance of horse hoof care in keeping a horse’s hoofs healthy. If good hoof care is not taken there will be major problems in the future.

If you have never used soaking boots before, also known as therapeutic boots, then it is normal to be a little confused about which ones are the best option for your horse.

Fear not! After reading this article you will know which soaking boot is best for the needs of your horse.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for the top rated equine soaking boots or read on for the full review.

  1. StepnSoak-911 RX and Soaking Boot
  2. Hoof Wraps Sack for Horses
  3. Yeezy Horse Soaking Boot

3 Best Horse Soaking Boots

StepnSoak-911 RX and Soaking Boot

This is a great soaking boot that’s made to fit horses of all sizes so you don’t have to deal with the frustration of finding the exact size for your horse.

It can be used for soaking but it can also be used to cover any wound or ice an injured area.

Because of it’s ease in adjusting, it can be used one day on a donkey and the next day on a much larger draft horse by simply tightening the Velcro around the leg of the horse.

Made of a strong tarpaulin and coated with polyvinyl, this boot does an amazing job holding all of the soaking liquid that you need so you can easily put in the necessary medication to take care of your horse.

It’s important that your boots last so that you don’t have to worry about the medication leaking out and these are constructed well enough to ensure that they do not leak until after many uses. This is a durable soaking boot that should last you and your horse a long time.


  • It’s easy to tighten the boot around the fetlock so that the boot doesn’t come off
  • The bright color makes it easy to find the boot when you are in a rush to treat your horse or if thrown in pasture
  • It comes with durable rubber on the bottom to cushion the hoof’s sole
  • It is easy to use and tighten on any horse


  • It can rip if the horse tries to walk in the boot
  • It is not recommended for shod horses
  • The material is very stiff and can be difficult to wrap

Hoof Wraps Sack for Horses

You shouldn’t have to break the bank when buying soaking boots for your horse and being able to choose from less-expensive options will allow you to spend a little more money on the medication that your horse may need to get healthier.

These soaking sacks are ideal if you need to be able to quickly treat problems with your horse’s hooves or if you want to use them as a liner with another soaking boot to extend its life.

Made of a very strong yet soft vinyl, you won’t have to worry about your horse getting injured or hating the way that these soaking sacks feel when you are treating it.

They are a foot wide and 18” tall, making them ideal for treating most types of horses and for filling up the sack with plenty of medicated liquid to deal with problems with the legs as well.


  • While they do a great job as a liner in the original Hoof Wraps soakers, they can be used alone
  • Kit comes with two sacks and two straps to easily attach them to the horse’s leg and a foam pad
  • It is very easy to put on the horse and to tighten with the included straps
  • The vinyl is strong and thick enough to be used for icing the hoof as well


  • With just one foam pad included, you will need to buy another if you want to provide comfort while treating two hooves at once
  • The bags will leak after a few times of being used
  • The straps are not attached to the bag, making it tricky to attach the bag if the horse is antsy and stepping

Heavy Duty Vinyl Hoof Soaking Boot

This boot is a great option if you want to choose one that is tall enough so you don’t have to worry about water pouring over the top of the boot or if you want to be able to treat injuries farther up the leg.

With a diameter of eight inches at the bottom of the boot, it is large enough to accommodate hooves of even larger horses without any problem.


  • Two Velcro straps on the boot ensure that it is snug and doesn’t fall down
  • An additional buckle at the top keeps the top from sagging
  • It is washable and reusable to save you time
  • It comes in a pack of two to decrease treatment time
  • The included pad keeps the hoof comfortable during treatment
  • At 24 inches tall, it can treat a number of issues on the leg


  • It can be difficult to tighten on an unhappy horse as there are so many buckles and straps
  • The coated cloth will tear if used on a hard surface

What Are Soaking Boots Used to Treat?

Any time that your horse has a medical problem that effects their hooves, you will want to get soaking boots to help treat it.

There are many brands and styles of therapeutic boots available and you will want to check how they are secured, how much medicated liquid they hold, and how durable and affordable the soaking boot is. 

It’s easy to use soaking boots as you simply mix a soaking product with hot water and then pour the mixture into the boot, allowing the horse’s hooves to soften and heal from the infection.

Soaking boots can be used in the treatment of the following ailments: 

– Bruising

– Puncture Wounds

– Abscesses

– Thrush

How Do You Use A Soaking Boot?

Soaking boots are relatively easy to use. Water and a medicated solution are added to the boot after you have placed the foot of your horse inside.

Then, using the included straps and buckles, simply tighten the boot gently around the leg so that the infected area is able to soak.

Be sure not to over tighten the boot, but you do want it to be snug enough so that it isn’t easily thrown off.

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Making Your Final Choice

It can get very expensive to buy more than one soaking boot for your horse, which is why it’s smart to research the one you are thinking about buying to make sure that it will work for your needs.

It’s a good idea to buy a soaking boot that is large enough to treat all of your horses and easy enough for you to use on a regular basis if necessary.

The soaking boot that you choose will depend on your particular needs. If you are concerned about keeping the boot on your horse while it are being treated, then you will want to pick the last choice as it is 24 inches tall and offers straps and buckles to hold the boot in place.

On the other hand, if you want a speedier boot that will allow you to put it on the horse quickly, then the StepnSoak or Hoof Wraps may be a better choice for your use.

Let us know how your soaking boot works out for you in the comments below.

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