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Best Ice Boots for Horses

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you looking for the best ice boots for horses?

I’ve used and tested the most popular ice boots for cold therapy on the market and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best ice boots picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. Professional’s Choice Ice Boot
  2. Finn Tack Ice Wrap
  3. Horze Finntack Pro Cooling Wrap Therapy Horse Boot
  4. Intrepid International Horse Ice Boot
  5. Ice Therapy Horse Boots Cordura
  6. Professionals Choice Equine Nine Pocket Ice Boot
  7. ICE-VIBE Horseware Boots
  8. Roma Full Ice Boots
  9. Dover Saddlery Jack’s Ice Boots
  10. Rural365 Cooling Gel Ice Boot for Horses

It can be really scary when your horse suffers a leg injury. No matter how it occurred, you want to make sure that you treat it right away, which is why keeping the best ice boots for horses on hand is a good idea. I know that choosing ice boots can be tricky, which is why I wrote this guide to help you choose the right boots for your horse.

How to Choose the Best Ice Boots for Horses

It can be a little overwhelming trying to find great ice boots, especially if you haven’t even bought any before. The key things to look for when shopping is the material that they are made from, whether or not they adjust, and what kind of padding they offer the leg.

Neoprene is a really popular material for ice boots, as it is durable, easily withstands water, and does a great job keeping the leg nice and cold. It’s also know for lasting for a long time. Another great option is a heavy denier nylon shell. Denier nylon will also stand up to use without ripping or picking.

Adjustable ice boots are the best option for any horse, as they can be made to fit comfortably. They are also great for any horse owner who has more than one horse, as they allow you to use them on multiple animals.

Finally, I recommend looking for an ice boot that has a lining designed to not only keep the leg from becoming uncomfortable, but also to remove any possibility of tissue damage. Keeping the leg from direct exposure to ice will prevent damage from occurring.

The Benefits of Great Ice Boots

Using an ice or a cold boot is one of the best ways to treat a leg injury for your horse. These boots offer a fast and easy way to not only control pain and swelling in the leg, but to also reduce inflammation, which can cause a major problem for your horse.

If you don’t want to have to stand in the wash stall applying cold water to your horse for long periods of time, then ice boots are a great option. They are incredibly time efficient and generally easy to apply to your horse’s leg. Since they only need to be applied to the leg for shorter periods of time, you can easily complete other tasks while treating your horse.

Additionally, ice boots can be used as a preventative way to treat potential problems before they occur. While most people only think about using ice boots after a horse has become injured, I find that using them after a tough working session is a good idea. This can help to mitigate regular wear and tear on ligaments and joints and reduce the possibility of swelling and pain in the future.

Features to Look For

Unsurprisingly, ice boots can vary widely in their price, so the first thing that I recommend is deciding upon a budget before shopping. If you only have one horse and that horse is prone to injury, then you may want to spend a little more on a higher quality ice boot. On the other hand, it’s also important to make sure that boots shared between horses can stand up to multiple back to back uses, if necessary.

Consider how easily you can put the ice boot on and how quickly and easily you will be able to take it off of the horse. Some boots have zippers, while others rely on Velcro to hold them in place. Generally speaking, I find that Velcro closures are much easier to handle and allow you to easily put the boot on and take it off again without a lot of trouble.

Some ice boots require ice to be placed in them, while others are stored in the freezer between uses and have a gel pack that freezes to cool the leg. Which type you choose is a matter of personal preference, but I find that having an ice boot ready to go in the freezer makes putting it on quickly a lot easier. Additionally, this will reduce any problems with melting ice causing the leg to get wet and to chaff.

How to Best Use Your New Ice Boots

Depending on the type of ice boot that you choose, you either fill it with ice or keep it in the freezer until frozen. It then needs to be wrapped around the affected leg to provide cold therapy. Make sure to only use it for the suggested period of time to avoid tissue damage.

Precautions to Consider

One problem that can occur with cold therapy is when it is left in place for too long or there is moisture trapped under the bandage or boot. This can cause localized dermatitis, and can even occur in warm weather. I recommend always making sure that the leg is completely dry before putting on an ice boot to reduce the possibility of this occurring.

It’s also important to make sure that ice boots are clean and sanitized before they are used. Boots that are constantly wet and used on many different horses can, unfortunately, spread germs and bacteria. Keeping the ice boots clean at all times will reduce the possibility of this occurring and ensure that your horses are all safe and free from infection. 

Best Ice Boots for Horses

Cold therapy can be a huge benefit to a sore or injured horse but keeping ice on your horse’s legs without a boot is darn near impossible. But with a quality ice boot you can help your horse feel better and back to performing at peak performance faster and safer. I have reviewed the top models on the market for performance, durability, and material quality.

Professional’s Choice Ice Boot

Not only can these ice boots be used on both hind and front legs, but they come with a convenient bag that is great for storing them in the freezer and also for transporting them to the injured horse. Thanks to the smooth nylon lining inside the ice boot, there isn’t any concern of the boot damaging the horse’s leg or causing incredibly cold spots that are painful or uncomfortable.


  • Easily adjustable, thanks to the Velcro straps
  • Frozen gel pockets keep the leg cool without getting wet
  • Nylon lining protects the skin and tissue from damage
  • Comes in a set of two


  • Tend to have warm and cold spots
  • The ice packs warm up quickly, requiring them to be changed

Finn Tack Equine Ice Wrap

Because these ice boots are so long they can easily cover from the coronary band to the knee, offering plenty of protection and cooling. While the straps seem long and bulky, they are actually perfect for wrapping around larger parts of the leg such as the hocks and knees, making these ice boots great for horses of all sizes.


  • Four elastic straps ensure that the boot easily fits on any leg
  • Keeping them in the freezer ensures that they are always cold
  • Comes in pairs
  • The cold cells are large enough to provide plenty of comfort, but small enough to wrap easily around the leg


  • Can be a bit difficult to put on some horses
  • The cold cells don’t offer completely uniform coverage

Horze Finntack Pro Cooling Wrap Therapy Horse Boot

These ice boots do a great job staying nice and cold for extended periods of time, which is important when dealing with a hurt horse. The Velcro straps make the boots incredibly easy to put on, which reduces the stress and frustration that horses feel when they are being treated. Additionally, these boots stay incredibly cold for longer periods of time than other similar boots.


  • Nice and cold when kept in the freezer
  • Heavy denier nylon shell prevents them from becoming damaged
  • Stay soft even when frozen
  • Four Velcro straps make it easy to adjust the pressure on the leg


  • Sold as singles
  • Not ideal for larger horses, such as draft horses, and can easily slip down the leg

Intrepid International Horse Ice Boot

Finding an ice boot that will easily fit around a horse’s leg and offer plenty of coverage from the fetlock to the hock can be tricky, but this ice boot does a great job. When properly filled with ice, it can remain cold for up to an hour, making it easy to ice two legs before the ice melts. 


  • Easily adjusts to the right size
  • Each boot has nine ice pockets
  • Neoprene material is designed to limit water getting onto the leg
  • Can be used with ice packs to reduce moisture


  • Can be difficult to find ice small enough to put in the pockets, causing some owners to have to break the ice into little pieces
  • Overfilling the pockets causes the water to get all over the horse’s leg

Ice Therapy Horse Boots Cordura

These ice boots do more than simply help keep the leg of your horse nice and chilled, they also are easy to put on and take off, which is great for horse owners who have skittish horses. As long as the horse isn’t bothered by the zipping sound, these boots are fast and easy to use and reduce the likelihood of getting kicked or injured.


  • Foam at the bottom helps keep the ice boots comfortable
  • Sold in pairs
  • Suspender straps are designed to ensure that the boots don’t fall down the leg
  • Zippers up the sides make them easy to put on and take off


  • Not as adjustable as other options with Velcro straps
  • Some horses do not like the sound of the zipper being opened or closed

Professionals Choice Equine Nine Pocket Ice Boot

This is an excellent quality equine ice boot. It provides coverage from the knee to the hock allowing for ice therapy for the most important areas of your horse’s legs. It secures well with the six hook fasteners and can be adjusted to your horse’s leg size. Comes in pairs and with a 30 day manufacturer money back guarantee and a six month warranty.


  • Covers knee to hock
  • Six hook fasteners fits securely
  • 6 month warranty
  • Excellent quality


  • Premium price

ICE-VIBE Horseware Boots

These premium ice boots come with cold and heat inserts for pre and post exercise therapy. They secure well to the horse’s leg and did not shift when moving. They feature a unique massaging effect that is purported to improve inflammation in the leg by stimulating the lymph system. I cannot speak to the accuracy of this claim but they function well as a ice and heat therapy boot.


  • Provide ice or heat therapy with included inserts
  • Fits well
  • Easy to put on your horse
  • Potential massaging benefits


  • Cannot confirm the massaging benefits reported by manufacturer

Roma Full Ice Boots

These ice boots are a pretty good budget option. They feature a zipper, strap, and suspender system that is more complicated than other models I reviewed. I found them to be functional in spite of the more complicated system. They are constructed from durable heavy duty nylon. These ice boots will work well for post workouts but are not intended for overnight use.


  • Ideal for post workout
  • Heavy duty nylon construction
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Good value


  • Somewhat complex to put on

Dover Saddlery Jack’s Ice Boots

These high quality ice boots worked exceptionally well. They are constructed from heavy duty, 600 denier nylon and are built to last. They come with adjustable suspenders and zipper closures that were fairly easy to put on the horse. I like that they come from Dover, who make quality products that they back up. This is an excellent pair of equine ice boots.


  • Quality construction
  • Come in multiple color options
  • Fairly easy to put on your horse
  • Great value


  • Sized only for adult horses

Rural365 Cooling Gel Ice Boot for Horses

This is a great priced and quality ice boot perfect for cooling and ice therapy. It features a gel system with four elastic hook and loops for a secure fit. It did not slip when on my horse and is ideal for post workout cooling and reducing swelling and inflammation. At an excellent price point this is a great ice boot option.


  • Ideal for cooling and post workout
  • Fits securely
  • Durable construction
  • Exceptional value
  • Multiple color options

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Even though they aren’t sold in pairs, the Horze Finntack Pro Cooling Wraps are the best ice boots on this list. They feature impressive Velcro closures that make them incredibly easy to use and ensure that your horse will get the cooling relief that it needs. Additionally, the shell is incredibly durable, which will prevent it from being damaged when on the horse. Thanks to the impressive height of these boots, they offer complete cooling coverage on the leg, and can be left in the freezer between uses so that they are ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Here is the quick list with the ice boots for horses recommendations. To view prices and customer reviews see the links below.

  1. Professional’s Choice Ice Boot
  2. Finn Tack Ice Wrap
  3. Horze Finntack Pro Cooling Wrap Therapy Horse Boot
  4. Intrepid International Horse Ice Boot
  5. Ice Therapy Horse Boots Cordura
  6. Professionals Choice Equine Nine Pocket Ice Boot
  7. ICE-VIBE Horseware Boots
  8. Roma Full Ice Boots
  9. Dover Saddlery Jack’s Ice Boots
  10. Rural365 Cooling Gel Ice Boot for Horses

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