Groom Ninja Horse, Good Bad and Hairy

Groom Ninja Review: The Good, Bad, And The Hairy

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

I bet you would be happy to find a shedding blade that makes grooming your horse easier.


Me too!

I sincerely dislike hair shedding season (allergies turn my grooming sessions into a sneezing fit every time).

Therefore, anything that makes grooming easier is a win in my book.

With that in mind I grabbed a set of Groom Ninjas just to see if the hype I’ve been hearing has any substance behind it.

So let’s grab our horse ninja, a box of tissues and dive right in.

Who is the Groom Ninja for?

GroomNinja provides three sizes of shedding blades which are intended to benefit owners of animals ranging in size from small dogs and cats to horses and donkeys (that’s me).

Edit: Haha Very funny, now stop calling me a donkey

Those three available sizes are:

Small Groom Ninja (3 inch blade)

Medium Groom Ninja (5.25 inch blade)

Large Groom Ninja (8 inch blade)

According to GroomNinja themselves, the large blade is best for horses, cows, and donkeys.

The medium blade is best suited for medium and large dogs, goats, donkeys, and horses.

The small groom ninja blade is intended for rabbits, small dogs, and cats.

Note: It is recommended by the company that horse owners get all three sizes of the groom ninja as the smaller blades work better on different grooming areas.

​The Groom Ninja also comes in 12 different colors if you like that sort of thing. Though you’re going to pay a couple bucks more for any color other than Natural.

Check Price here

Is it easy to use?

I’ve heard the groom ninja described as a hacksaw blade stuck in a piece of wood, and in some respects, that is true.

The blade is serrated like a saw and the handle on mine are indeed made of wood.

While you probably could rig up a version of your own, I’m personally not interested in that.

I have enough projects around the barn as it stands. But I would love to see your homemade version in action!

What I like about the design of the groom ninja is the blade appears to be quality metal, and it should stand up to extended use.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard of one breaking due to normal use yet.

If you have, let me know!

Groomninja contoured handles

Courtesy of

One awesome little detail I like is that the wood handle is contoured to fit comfortably in the hand.

This comes in quite handy (pun definitely intended) as shedding a horse’s hair can take more than a few minutes of work.

Now here’s the rub (I’m on a roll now).

Using the small blade, I ran into the biggest issue with the groom ninja.

I have large hands, and I found the small blade to be uncomfortable to hold. I was not comfortable using the small groom ninja for extended periods as my hand began to cramp.

I am sure small or averaged sized hands will have no problem handling the blade, but if you are like me, and have stupid big, dude hands, the small blade will be hard to use without aches and pains.

The handles on the medium and large blades fit well in my hand and it had a pretty decent grip too.

So, it wasn’t all bad with the handle handling.

Alright, but does it work?

I’ve used most of the shedding brushes, blades, and blocks out there a time or two and they all have their benefits and shortcomings. The groom ninja is no different.

Big handed people may not like the small blade and some may find it a bit pricey.

But like most things in life, you get what you pay for. And the Groom Ninja is a solid grooming tool that gets the job done.

It did a great job removing that long winter coat, and frankly that’s what it’s for.

It definitely has a place in the grooming bin.

Buy yours here

Let me know what you think of the Groom Ninja in the comments, and seriously, stop calling me a donkey!

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