body clipping a horse

Body Clipping a Horse

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Thing a horse can seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. But once you understand the basics and have a good understanding where to start clipping your horse can be a fun in simple job. Having a good understanding of what to do not only will make you less stressed it will also help your horse be less stressed while you’re clipping them. With that in mind the guide below will help you clip your horse efficiently and safely.

Benefits of clipping your horse

Whether you are doing a spring clipping or clipping your horse for a horse show, the basics of clipping your horse and its benefits are the same.

Flipping is good for your horse especially if they are going to be schooled and written during the winter.  clipping your horse allows the heat that’s generated while being ridden to escape the body efficiently and avoid excess sweating. This will allow the horse to cool down quicker and avoid any issues excessive sweating prolonged elevated body temperatures.  A full winter coat can add up to 2 hours to your horses are drying time. this can lead to an increased risk in your horse getting chilled which has a number of negative effects including an increased risk of colic. this can also increase the risk for other respiratory conditions being acquired by your horse.  so if you are going to ride your horse during the winter a full body clipping is an excellent idea.

If you do body clip your horse it is important that you provide them with winter blankets while they are outside to avoid their body temperature drop too low. this is particularly important for older horses as their body is more susceptible to the harsh effects of low winter temperatures.

Body clipping your horse in the winter will also make your grooming sessions shorter and more efficient General. Has the body  hair of your horse is shorter you will have less caked-on dirt and less loose hairs to brush off when grooming your horse.

Un-clipped long hair on the leg is a magnet for mud which can lead to scratches from dried mud, and even mud fever. this is a particular issue with horses you suffer from Cushing’s disease as they are usually unable to fully shed their winter coat when spring comes around. I doing a full body clip you can avoid these issues with your horse.

When should you clip your horse?

body clipping a horse with clippers

As the or of generally occurs in the fall, late September and early October as this is the time of year for most climates when the horse begins to grow out there longer winter coat. depending on how fast your horses hair grows you may need to do another full body clipping during the winter. And if you perform during the winter you may have to do more clippings than that. If all you are doing is riding your horse around the home or on the trails do another clipping of your horse until the end of February. the best way to tell when to clip your horses when their hair is getting long enough to accumulate dried dirt, once you know what length this is you can clip your horse before it gets too  Long.

What do I need to trim my horse?

clipping a horse's shoulder

There are number tools that you will need to properly body clip your horse. Most of these tools are fairly inexpensive but it is recommended that you get a high-quality set of horse clippers as having a good performing set makes body clipping your horse significantly easier and more fun. You can find the top rated horse clippers for body trimming that I recommend or grab any highly rated Clippers that you feel comfortable with using.

Just as important as the Clippers are the blades that you use on your set of Clippers. Dull blades will make it almost impossible to do a full body clipping of your horse and for it to look good. Good sharp blades will make the job much quicker and will help your horse looks sleeker and smarter overall. If your clippers did not come with lubrication be sure that you by some as Clippers get hot over the course of clipping your horse. Horse Clipper Lube will help maintain your blade and keep your clippers working properly. you will also need a small Clipper brush to clean out the blade and the blade guards as this will accumulate significant amounts of horsehair while clipping a horse.

I like to have a quality pair of scissors for those areas that I do not use the Clippers on them. other than a halter and crossed eyes this is all you need to do a great body clip on your horse.

Just remember that out of all of the tools here investing in a quality pair of horse clippers is probably the most important decision you will make as this is the biggest Factor affecting how easy and professional-looking the body clipping will be.

If you like to do a lot of horse showing or performing, it is wise to invest in a pair of cordless horse clippers as well. You’ll find numerous times where you need on the road and you do not know if you will have an outlet handy to plug in corded Clippers. If you have tendinitis or many horses to clip it is recommended that you ensure that the Clippers you get or lightweight. Body clipping a horse does take some time and a heavy pair of Clippers can become a strain on your wrist. With this in mind it is a good idea to break up your body clipping into about 10 to 15 minutes chunks where you allow your wrist to relax to avoid causing injury.

Regarding the blades of your clippers, always use sharp clipping blades. Dull blades will only make the job more difficult and it will not cut the hair evenly. Keep the blade the blade guard free of excess Hair by brushing it out frequently while clipping your horse.

Getting ready to clip your horse

Before you  clip your horse always thoroughly brush and bathe them in order to remove all dirt, mud, and excess hair before you even plug in your clippers. Dirt mud will bog down your clippers and dull your blades. this can also put excessive strain on your Clipper motor as it tries to fight against dirt and mud.

When picking where you will clip your horse always make sure that it was a safe and secure area. Be sure that there is no obstacles in the way that could trip you or your horse and be sure that they are tied safely and securely. Well not necessary I always like to have a second person around while I’m flipping my horse. They can help you with grabbing tools and also make sure that you and the horse are safe while you complete the body clipping.

If this is the first time that your horses being clipped, you want to be sure that they have become acquainted with the sound and feel of the clippers. For some horses this can be quite Scary For the First Time. Never just jump in and start clipping a horse that is not familiar with being clipped. Well this isn’t the time and place for a discussion on training techniques be sure that your horse is comfortable with running Clippers prior to beginning to do a body clip. 

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