Back on Track Quick Wraps Review

Back On Track Quick Wraps Review

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Wrapping your horse’s legs has a number of benefits and is a great way to ensure that your animal is as healthy as possible.

While some owners think that wrapping is very easy, you can actually cause a lot of damage to your horse if you do not wrap its legs properly.

One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to buy a professional wrap from Back on Track that you can use. If you accidentally cut off the blood supply to your horse’s tendons, then you can cause a number of problems.

What Are Common Problems with Wrapping a Horse’s Legs?

It’s easy to wrap the legs of your horse but not as easy to make sure that you’re doing a good job.

Some of the common problems that you can run into include a wrap that bunches up or slips down the leg.

In addition, the wrap may be wrapped too tight and can cut off circulation and cause major health problems.

When Do I Use The Back On Track Quick Wrap?

If your horse has injured itself, then wrapping the affected area can greatly help with healing and ensure that your animal doesn’t cause more injury to the site.

Wounds from riding, a pulled tendon, or even a twisted ankle can all benefit from being wrapped.

Read more on maintaining your horse joint health.

Not only will you keep the infected area clean from dirt and germs but you can help to limit and control the swelling that will occur.

Any kind of swelling that your horse experiences may be controlled with proper wrapping.

Instead of allowing the fluid to build up in the leg, when you wrap the area, you will notice an immediate reduction in fluid.

This not only decreases the pain that the horse feels but also allows it to move much more easily.

Why Use a Professional Wrap?

It is possible to try to wrap your horse’s leg with gauze, cotton, and bandages but this process is tricky to do well as you have to move quickly so you don’t frustrate your horse and also keep the tension just right to prevent further damage to the leg.

The best way to avoid dealing with the frustration of coming up with your own wrap is to buy a professional wrap. This will make the whole process faster and easier on your horse and you.

Professional wraps allow you to wrap the leg of your horse in one motion instead of dealing with lots of different layers and trying to hold them together.

Because these wraps rely on Velcro to stay in place, you don’t ever have to worry about them shifting or bunching and causing problems for your horse.

Back on Track Quick Wraps


  • Helps to reflect the body heat of the horse and reduce swelling
  • Can be used overnight
  • Perfect to prevent injury and to help with recovery
  • Machine washable for easy cleanup
  • Easy to put on the horse by yourself
  • Provides consistent pressure


  • Velcro will begin to come loose after long use
  • May take time for the horse to get used to how they feel

When You Need Horse Therapeutic Wraps

It’s easy to assume that your horse doesn’t need to have its legs wrapped or will be just fine if you use cloth and bandages that you have around the home. But using therapeutic leg wraps that can be placed on the horse quickly is the best way to take care of your equine friend.

Because these work by reflecting the heat from your horse, you can skip the poultices or liniments that you need with other wraps.

If you find the injury requires a medicated soak try one of our recommended soaking boots

This not only shortens the amount of time that you need to put the wrap on your horse but also ensures that you are not having to use medication each time your horse needs help.

Even if your horse does not injure itself on a regular basis, preventing swelling in the legs is important so that your horse will be comfortable and able to move around easily and without any pain.

While you can use these wraps to help combat the pain of ligament and ankle problems, they are just as beneficial to help with regular daily swelling.

You can take steps to prevent injury and to help your horse have a good ride and using these wraps is a great way to invest in the health and quality of life of your horse. And at the end of the day, that’s what we are looking for.

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